Hi Ladies and Gentleman,  a post… only a post..nothing more =)

a wonderfull evening @the Central Perk, listen voices and relax =)

bye bye guys …before i forget TELEPORT HERE



Hey Guys is happened….the Central Perk is a part of the Legion Project… we are so happy about it!

We hope you find the way and relax….Teleport here!!!

Take care….xoxo Katuehhh

Info for my Outfit here…..My SL Look!


Hi @ all,

now it is finished..the central perk sl is online =)
we are so happy about it and we hope you can find the way, relax, drink a coffee and take some pics on the central perk location.
when you take some pics…please upload this in our flickr group….

and before i forget..here the teleport to the central perk…..

take care!
xoxo katuehhh